Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baju Raya in the making

Few days ago, my mum and I had our little me-time in Jusco. We searched for my autumn jacket and few more shirts and stuff to be packed back to Moscow. FYI I'll be leaving Malaysia next Monday. So, scrolling and scrolling... my eyes were stucked on rows of baju kurung and I was thinking, WTH, angkat saje as my baju raya. So today, I decided to decorate my baju raya with labuci and manik. Guess what, RM50++ baju kurung has turn into RM80-90++
Be smart to look smart!

Monday, August 17, 2009

dream house..maybe

Bile dah lame sangat tengok gambar nih, tetiba terfikir plak 1 day nak ade rumah macam ni. Maybe not full kayu, sebelah dalam mungkin batu kut.. dan tangga digantikan dengan lift..hehe So boleh lah abg Rudin sketch kan, abg long supervise kan, and abg Adie bayarkan.. Kesimpulannya, sayangilah abang2 anda...hehe

p/s pic taken during summercamp 09 kat Nur Bukit Unggul Eco Resort.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

new lesson learned

Setelah hampir sthn jagung guna camera ak nih, baru la tau cmne nk guna macro dgn sebaik2nyer!! ak sgt2 GUMBIRA.. lepas ni byk lerr gmbar macro dari aku..hehe

p/s abang rudin suruh puji dia sebab dia yg ajar..pluekhh~~

Thursday, August 6, 2009


huhu..yesterday my friends and I went to KL for wasting some not very precious time.. We went to Time Square (decided to buy a jacket for dis autumn, but can't find even 1, haishhhh)
and it was raining like there's no tomorrow. Thank god my friend drove her car and we didn't take KTM, if not we were surely kuyup kapan that day!

Hmm, 1st thing that I realised in TS is that there were so many Arabians shopping, and the interesting part is that most Arabians that I saw, was that the women or the wives wore jubah and burdah (cloth that covers their faces except their eyes), but the husband only wore simple T-shirt and short pants (but under their knees, which is still covers their aurat). Cool right!!

2nd thing is about our surau, which is the place for solah. Whenever I go to surau in a mall, I'll definitely recalled the moment when my friend and I having solah or pray back at Russia. Damn it was hard, with the people staring at us weirdly, the "pak guard" that following us, thinking that we would do something harm towards them (NOT!!), not to mention the places, under the stairs, on the stairs, bench, corridors, inside the fitting room, anywhere... I'm kinda greatful that I live in a country where most of the people are Muslems.. But still, the facilities for solah in Malaysia, not a thumb up for me..

Anywho, I did grab a shirt, and actually both my friends bought a shirt/blouse too..

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mr. Sani's Family Day 09 - Tioman Island

O0O0 isn't dat cute or wat!!
kerut Zara macam bapak dia la....
Alhamdulillah hajat aku tercapai fact siap abg aku dah plan utk next fam day.MANTAP.. Anyway, our 1st fam day dkat Tioman Island mmg best. Fully sponsored by my bros and helped by kakak2 ipars. Thnks u guys!
Sea Salang!!
kecik2 dah pandai layan perasaan...hehe
ehy abg aku sorng nih, cam tgh layan awek plak. hehe


Thanks everyone for watching!

p/s thousands of apologies b'coz I didn't update for quite a long time. ooo yer, da 1st pix taken from my bro..hehe


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