Saturday, April 23, 2011

SIG and etc


Last weekend was sooo amazing, with the SIG (Sechenov Intervarsity Games) going on, with friends from Nizhny and Volgograd came along and we had some little party and of course with the straight 4 days of holidays (thanks to our "beloved Mr. Hitler").. "oh yeah!" bak kata Bom and TOP..ngee... Anyhow, these are a few pictures that I managed to take during the games.. I'm quite lazy to be like those true photographers, went down to the court and wandering here and there to get great shots.. Instead, I just took all these pictures from where I seated.

Nasi Ayam Sokolniki + Kahov =P

"yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday" -RB-
I hate friday! =.='

Yup, last weekend was awesome, but yesterday I was such a big looser/fool/bengap tahap ***.. Imagine this, those 4 days of holidays I spend it on studying those freaking pharmacology.. On the colloquium, yes I can answer most of the questions. But when I was in front of the lecturer, and when she started to ask me questions, I was like O.O (s.o.s.t.u.p.i.d.l.a.h.y.o.u.) T.T


Anonymous said...

Dear Aimi,
Thank you for posting ur life thre in the net.. at least if i cant go thre. it suffice to see my ex-roommate thre. enjoy ur life. have a best life. miss u..

your beloved 2007 MRSM serting roomate said...

Subhanallah... A.S!!! Miss u too, Hope this year we will meet again :)
Just wondering... Kut2 hang ade blog jugak.... Hehe


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