Sunday, May 3, 2009

what I did today...hmm

woke up quite late dis morning..
selak2 few pages of my Sapin book aka Anatomy text book..
get ready for my SS - souviner shopping!!
Ronda2 around Partizanskaya(1 of Moscow's attractive place)

temperature 25 Celsius... trust me, its already hot, like Malaysia!! huhu
Walking again and chill for awhile at the "I forgot already the name" park.
and yeah, his holding a dictionary- language is not a barrier!!

Reach home safely..Alhamdullilah

"Aimi, jom senam aerobik!"
"poideom!!!" maksudnya mat cool2 kwnku, mari kita ikut mat cool, main2 selalu, syoknya2 adamanku, JOM KITA PERGI!

We had our Banggara dance, next poco2..

And later, we got a lil crazy...
by playing our childhood games..
Galah panjang, ayam dan musang, AEIOU Stop!, main freeze n water..

Best gile!!

Posing in front of our "beloved" hostel..
For our cover album - GMP
We ate dinner together, ikan masak asam pedas, sayur campur ikan bilis, telur dadar mantap..
Pray solat Maghreb jemaah together, and have tazkirah( Islamic talk) by Ustazah Sheila.
Sleep early tonite...
OOOwh wait!! I forgot, haven read Histology for tomorrow
Good bye my sweet red pillow, and my yummy bed...


khalil said...

bestnyier!!! siap jemaah lg..alhmdulillah.. said...

yup...alhamdullilah every sunday we did..kkdg tu lpas solat or before ade mkn dulang..yum2!!

Sergey said...

language barrier is not a problem, and the heat - Yes said...

hehe...yup, and the heat!!

Nur Farahin Abdul Arif said...

salam aimie...bestnYER!nk join jugak!!huhuhu... said...

hehe kak farahin in da house!! mai2!!


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