Thursday, March 24, 2011

life is unfair!

....your not the bos of me NOW!

hey sape ingat lagu ni? hmm aku teringat lagu ni, intro cerita Malcolm in the Middle, cerita yang memenuhi waktu2 petang hujung mingguku, sambil makan cekodok ikan bilis ngan nescafe sejuk yang tersimpan dalam peti ais... (if I remember it right..hoho)...

Sorry to say this, but i'm soooo grrrrrrrrrrr right now! Memikirkan... yes, my life is unfair! Aku selalu comparekan hidup aku yang busy (or buat2 je busy...LOL ) ni dengan orang lain yang goyang2 kaki, lepak2.. And bila x score dalam exam, tak terbaca certain topics, missed some things that i'm soooo-only-god-knows-how-EAGERED-i-am-to do it, mulalah blame tu salah dia, ni salah dia. tanpa pikirkan salah diri sendiri... I know2, how stupid I am to compare my life with "other people", in fact how stupid I am to write this post, sedangkan aku sendiri tau the truth.. And so, why don't I just NOT post this stupid post? (haha... sorry for the too much stupid words) Naa, I'm still gonna post this s***** (not gonna say that s word again) post, so that in case if i'll be this s***** again, i'm gonna read what i wrote, and belasah myself hard in the perut until I got senak2 perut... apekah?~~

Anywho, if I say my life is unfair, i'm pretty sure others will feel the same too.. exhibit A,
"OMG this is so unfair! they can hangout all day long while I got stuck up in the room memorising those subjects that irritatingly written in russian language. WTFishman! "
"OMG this is so unfair! they can buy anything they want just because their ap-pa is taukey kedai keleta manyak mewah!"
"OMG this is so unfair! they can live happily without worries, while I got to stay up all night just to be sure that my billions $ don't get stolen"
dah la, malas nak pikir contoh, pharmaco x abih bace lagi ni bai! but you get what i mean right?!

whatever your states of living are, whatever you are in to, or whatever that happens to you, we'll feel the same thing - the unfairNESS.. but, everything comes with a reason right (tiba2 ayat typical and skema).. And dear Aimi!! u should be GREATFUL because YOU are chosen to be what you are right now!!!!!! stop messin' around will ya!

p/s ceewah bile emo je, trus speaking... hohoho..sowi la lame x speaking, hancuq ckit =P


eNdY said..., im the first person to "senak perut" reading ur entry..naa~ jk2...

same thing happend to me too...well to motivate u, first, u hv to be grateful for being AIMI coz there might be thousand peoples out there yg nak ade anggota yg sempurna mcm ko!!... in case if this didnt work for u,just dont compare urself with other people..(huhu)....differnt people got diff prob, we'll never know whats everybody's lil' secret..huhu

my wish for u..gud luck, chill2, rilex n dont stress to much! =)

p/s- neway, my eng is getting worse too.. n i hv no idea wht to write on CV letter for Mercymsia..sbb dah lme x tulis essay..=( *promote Mercy sat naa*

mata panda said...

1) assalamualaikum

2) sgt suke lgu malcolm juge..

3) bertahan! 29:2 said...

endy!!! huhu... thnks gurl! hmmm... tetibe meltdown bce hang nye comment..

hehe... xpe, diorng x bce pun cv tuh.. syarat je~ hehe..memndai je aku~

@mata panda: 1) waalaikumusalam
2) ....

3) T.T baik!


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