Thursday, October 31, 2013

Push & Pull

I watched a K drama few years ago (the one and only K drama I have ever watch), about a couple who kept on rejecting and the next day accept her/him back and then rejected him/her again and I believe 2/3 of the story was about these freaking conflicts. I am actually had a tough time to finish it because it was just a torture and stressful thing to watch. (But then, I manage to watch it twice =P) In short, the drama that I watched was full with as what I call it - push and pull.. Never have I realize I am actually in that kind of situation (at least that is what I feel right now) It's totally crazy when you want it like this today but you want it the other way round the next day. When you receive, you deny it; but when you didn't have it, you crave for it! And maybe this is actually what people call it as "woman's logic"! hahaha... Sigh.. I really wish these stuff end soon because I just can't stand it no
more... just like how I can't stand to watch that K drama!!

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