Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey, it's Mr Blanket!!

Happy Birthday Fareez!!

Here is our Mr Blanket..

Name Fareez Mohamad

My groupmate for the next 5 yrs, 1/2 sem

Budak "pyat" for Anatomy class = Lydia's pet......hehe

He loves to cook.

And sorry, he is single but not available..LOL

He is her's. =P

The cake - It's the "D" word~
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e.l.i.a.n.a MASTURA! said...

sy xde dlm gambar.i demand my pic to be ur main photo!!wekk..i want a cake.haha said...

gila terdesak!! hahahaha

Amir said...

woo. aku xtaw pn, selamat hari jadi fariz


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