Saturday, July 18, 2009


copied from kak farahin's blog who copied from kak iman's fb;

Assalamualaikum wbt & selamat sejahtera..
Maybe some of you had noticed that Sarah Nabila's (MMA, 2nd year going into 3rd year) father, had been entered to IJN due to cardiac problem. His condition is kinda critical and he need surgery, URGENT! (bypass if not mistaken...)
The cos for the surgery is RM 60 000!!! Her family had tried to negotiate with IJN regarding the fee but no reply yet to be received. So now the family had to think of the money. Our help might not be that much of a burden reliever, but still it does help.

So now things that we can do to help :

a) solat hajat dan doa for the best to Sarah's father n family.
b) visit her father/ family (tak tau lah wad IJN tuh bleh masuk ke tak)
c) memberi kata2 semangat dan dorongan menanda sokongan kita.
YM : s_candystriper
Maxis : 017 308 7826
Celcom : 013 678 0735
d) infaq
Bagi sape2 yg dah already tau atau dpt reach Sarah, harap sgt2 leh post komen kt note ni supayaramai2 leh tau..
Semoga usaha kita bersama mendapat keredhaan-Nya dan dapat membantu Sarah & Keluarga insya-Allah...
For those who wanted to lend a hand by donating $$ to her, you can do it through


..infaqkanlah harta yg kita ada. sesungguhnya setiap harta yg kita ada bukanlah milik kita namun milik ALLAH.

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