Friday, July 3, 2009


Yessss, Yong Tau Foo - 1 of my favourite cuisine back home. This time I try it with soup, and its quite shocking to me that it actually taste so good. Plus, the soup is so good that I felt like the cook is Chinese, well no no no, he's Malay!

Its almost 3 weeks now, staying home. And I love every bit of it. The food, of course, the people, the tv channels (hehe..), but not really excited about the weather. I think Malaysia is getting hotter and hotter!! Sigh...

Hmmmm, talking about hot, my brothers had planned that we will have a holiday in Tioman Island.Ooooooh I can't wait to swim in the ocean and play at the beach!!

Since I'm at home, there are still things that I haven't go through. WEDDING. Haha, people, please don't misunderstood. What I mean is going to people's wedding. It's not that I'm eagered to meet the wedding couples, oooh pleaseeee! Only that I love to eat the food during the occasion, especially ayam sambal and nasi minyak.(I know I'm bad =P)

p/s Next week, InsyaAllah I shall go to MRSM Serting to collect my SPM cert. Moh lah kito poyi samo2!!

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e.l.i.a.n.a MASTURA! said...

oit..makan saje kamu,selama ni awk xon9 sbb mkn n tgk tv la ekk..that's so aimi.hak2.ble maw g serting?alia IF pn nk g skalik.i want ur num! said...

u really understand me..heh heh...
next week kut. Anyday but not monday ek. Ari lain ak on jer. BTW, ko gi naik bas ker?

e.l.i.a.n.a MASTURA! said...

ooo.nex wik tga blaja 2 ade usrah.klu pegi nex wik,alamatnye sy xdok umah ler.dapur xberasap ler gitu.hehe.klu sy g,naek bas la dr awk nk drive n pick me up.eceyhh..huhu


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