Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ice skating with usrati!!


 Introducing Gorky Park, and also my usrati (minus 1 person, because she's afraid of falling down from skating)

SubhanaAllah the view was fantastique! This was actually the first time (in 5 years since I'm in Moscow) I skate in the famous Gorky Park skate rink because for the past few years I only went to skate in Sokolniki Park, only few minutes from my previous apartment. And another reason I didn't go to Gorky Park is because there is entrance fee (around 200-300ru aka RM20-30) while in sokolniki its free! But because one of my besties which is also my usrati so eager to skate (since she just bought her skate shoes, that's why... hehe) so we grab the chance and head up to Gorky Park! And truely, I didn't regret that I had to pay because the ring is really smooth and I really enjoy skating..

Most of the skate rink that I went to is actually a park, a typical park. But during winter season, they will turn these park into an ice skating rink.. So, while we were skating, we can actually feel the natural, cold and freezing open air!! That's why after a few rounds, we can't help ourselves but to stop and have a rest in the "resting room" provided..  We even had some ponchiki (donuts) for our break! Hot and steamy =P
 Posing with the skate shoes =P

 We play till our feet and hands were frozen and numb!! So we ran to the heater and hug them! hehe

 My kakak naqibah's first attempt on skating and she eventually manage to skate by her own, but ooppss she fell once =)
 Me again.. I'm cute right! LOL!

Yesterday I managed to sell another batch of cookies! Alhamdulillah... Although the business was a bit slow, but I still reached my target! weehooo! =P

p/s my English suck! I know... Oh My English~


norashikin rahmat said...

aimi, buat post dalam bahasa rusia lah~
nice picture.. ^_^ said...

haha.. ni mesti sbb english kita x difahami kan.. hehehe.. boleh2.. nnt kita tulis ikin baca gune google translate ek! tq =)


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