Sunday, March 29, 2009

4 "darab" 100?! again??

Specially repost for him. Enjoy it... and please don't be mad at me...huhu
To show that I am "crazy" on sports (which is not), there was 1 time ago, when I had made a new record in the history of sports, in which by giving a new name on 1 sports event, which is called 4 "darab" 100 relay. (darab means "x") I believe that until now, there are still a number of people who remember about this....(just ignore this part if you don't understand)
And because of this crazyness, I was called to.....enter a sports competition (kanyeshna net), no no no, never, but enough by just watching a match. To watch him playing volley ball.(in fact its not even a competition, simply an everyday practice.)
Accompanied with my classmate, both of us went out from our hostel at night and we took the 295 bus. The map for the route to get to that place (which was sketched by my friend) was tightly held in my hand(in order not to get lost, huhu!) Alhamdullilah, we manage to reach our destination - RSMU sportzal aka sports hall.
Along the journey to the sportzal, I sat and kept thinking about what am I doing?! Am I crazy?! going out at night, just the 2 of us, still in the 1st year living here, right here in Moscow!! If back in Malaysia, I wouldn't dare to go out at night like this, in fact I don't even want to! That night, we had made the main street near the hostel like our's, almost get hittt.... Alhamdulillah everything was fine, don't be panic. Continue adding flavour to the taste, we were not even playing, just for the sake of watching the game. Till now I am still wandering.... human are so weird. They'll do anything even for nothing. So what makes me really2 want to see him play.......hmm... I don't know!
So that night, with all the running(to chase the bus) and sweating(actually its nothing, just to hyperbolise my story..hehe), finally it was paid off when we watched them play. Seriously, they were so good!! Otlichno!! (I'm clapping my hand right now..)
It's not that I'm too proud of the Moscowians, it's just that sometime their characteristics makes me impressed.
When I was there, I had caught a video of them playing volley ball. In my previos post, I did mentioned about there are something in the video that makes me didn't want to put it in the blog. But later I got the approval. Yeah!!
P/S (pictures) most of them are doctors, specialist who were the ex-students of RSMU. In fact, there were also mothers and fathers(they are also doctors) and they play! I don't lie.

......Yesterday night I watched the movie Sepi. Thumbs up!!

Ni adalah post dalam versi English. Untuk bacaan yang lebih menyayat hati, anda boleh baca 4"darab"100?! bertarikh 28 mac 2009, Sabtu.

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