Thursday, March 12, 2009

does your name rhyme with mine?

Whiz, this post seems familiar ay?! I'm sorry... it's just that I really can't help myself... I really2 love this song too...ngehehe.. And the best thing of all, she's local..wuhoo!!

p/s listening to this song with my yummy creamy puffy melting in my mouth..hehe


syahir said...

best2=) said...

- Love at first sight - lol

Syed Danial said...

haha.weyh aimi.have u listened to her other songs? my first one is "rocket" check it out :)

ni pn ihsan dari blog hopping.hehe said..., once I heard dat song, sume lagu dia kite download..hehe..sume best!!

Syed Danial said...

owh really? leh la amek dr kamu nnt! hehe.makaseh :)

wiz said...

Yes very familiar! Good to know you love her songs too.

Now, go study!;o) said...

hehe... yes madam!!


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