Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm so happy today. Because for da first time since I went to Russia, today I finally met my mother!! She went to Mekkah for her first umrah. I'm so happy for her because she finally got the chance to do umrah. And today too, I get to meet my brothers, and their families. House are chaos for a while with the childrens' screaming, shouting, laughing. But I enjoy every moment of it because I'm sure I'll be missing them..huhu

Hey world, this is Ariff Irfan, my latest nephew.

1st time met him. He look so much like "mat saleh"..hehe

I'm Akmal, I'm Ariff's big bro!

Pak2 Arab mane plak nih?? LOL

Ibu bought jubah for all of us. Including me!

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