Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yesterday, Kuzminian celebrated Deepavali with laughters and tears (because the ayam sambal is so damn spicy, but yet taste so damn good!!!). Thank God I didn't had any stomach ache after the feast!

p/s deeparaya because officially raya not end yet! =P


Teddy said...

Its important for us differentiate things around us. To simply mix 2 of Malaysian prominent festive like that simply show us that the writer is immature. FYI, I'm not Malaysian but I do enjoy travelling there as I did several years back. Wouldn't it hurts your friends ?

amira said...

i dont think it is a sensitive issue...even in malaysia we use da same doesnt show anything, but unity among malaysian. we celebrate together, enjoy together, being happy together..i cant see anything wrong with dat. said...

Teddy: nothing to say much, but i'm just totally 100%ly agree with amira. Maybe if u r a malaysian then you'll understand.

amira: tq's my dear!


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