Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guest from Volgagrad

2nd of Feb, my friends (mira aka cik, atika n nazmeen) were safely arrived at Pushkin-my hostel. Staying at Pushkin means u need to ikat perut after that because it cos quite a lot of money, as i'm saying 700Ru = about RM70 per person per night. At first, we had an evil thought-seludup masuk!! hehe`` but then, the plan had changed and they decided to pay.. "the big bos of Pushkin must be rich by now and counting his money on the cloud. Okay back to the point. After hugging n kisssing know what girls usually did when they met each other after not seeing for a long time, we had a long chat about how's Moscow, how's Volgograd and "the people" there...blah blah... n blah....
Kinda starving you know when you talk so much..hehe.. So the moscowian brought the Volgagradian to Sinbad for dinner.(As usual, must have the molochni koktail!!). After the "wow", the"yum yum", the"mmm", "aaah", n "burrpp" we went back to Pushkin because its kinda late to be out at that time. (Dangerous lorr!!)

2nd day my friends from Volgograd in Moscow.

We have a big plan that day, (not that big actually) a mini trip to Moscow by the unforgettable, charming and tall guy named Sergey.. He, as our tour guide that day had brought us to the Treteakovckaya Gallery, basically they have a lot of paintings by the Russian artist, n most of the paintings seem to be so real. Not like in Malaysia, people in Russia do appreciate their arts n culture. Believe me, if you ask any Russian people at the side of the road about Russian literature, they will tell you as simple as making a cekodok..yum2..hehe.. So because we are Malaysian, we started to feel bored..haha (sorry Sergey =] ) n we decided to jump a few sites.. besides, we didn't have much time..hehe nk cover.. Patom means then, we continue our mini trip to the Old n New Arbatskaya.. Unfortunately the wheather is too cold and there were only a few booth on the street selling souveniers. Usually during summer, there should be people drawing, dancing and singing on the Old Street of Arbatskaya.. But still we had a great time. Owh yeah, we had spagetti for the dinner..yuuuummmyyyy!!!

3rd day, what a lovely day..yeah right.. because the weather was colder than the day before. Today we went to Red Square, (my friend and I bought Matreoshka or the nesting doll there) St. Basil, Prospect Mira Mosque (I eat Lagman-a kind of noodle with soup) and lastly to Kievskaya, the European's shopping complex. And for the dinner, we made ourself SUSHI!! I was so full and slept early that night..zzzzzzzz

My friends left Moscow on the 4th day.. Stop by at Kalushki Mall to get some food to be eaten in the train. Mira was so eagered to eat Kartoshka with cheese and crab meat, but instead she got crab meat with fish(not a good combination!!), pity her..hehe..

FYI, the journey of Moscow-Volgograd is around 20 hours by train!! I'd never been to any vokzal(train station that connect Moscow to other part of Russia) before, and I am amazed with the scenery there, very nostalgic, very classic. Love it! Anyway, their train was at 1340. Bye2 you guys. Insyaallah we'll be seeing again soon in Volgograd for the Malaysian games there.

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