Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What happen when....

What happen
when you got stuck in your room,
got nothing to do,
and an oven next door??

well, here they are.. 2nd trial..=P

2nd day since the bombing occured. Watched tv3 buletin utama this morning, laugh a bit when our juniors (1st year students) were on tv. Cool isn't it.. But actually it's just their voices calling from the scene. And today finally got to see the faces of the suicide bombers. Had a lil' chat with abang long.. He was kinda worry, he suggested for us to wear something else rather than wearing tudung to cover our head, so that at least we wouldn't get hit by the moscovites.. scary huh.. Well, hope everythings going to be fine. InsyaAllah..

p/s just wondering, if the cookies are for sale, does anybody wanna buy it? hehehe
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nana <3 said...

i wanna buy! hehe

i.am.me said...

haha.. nana, u buy wat u sell..hehe

samanosuke_04 said...

pemonteng bersiri!


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